Trees of Hampstead

...Their branches, twisted and angular, as if suffering cramps, as if the cold is mixed into them.
And all the poses of the body, as in the theater or in engravings: thight gestures pulled toward oneself whose only purpose is to prevent the warmth of the body from escaping. 
The Japanese Chronicles, Nicolas Bouvier

This is a collection of trees under the snow in Hampstead Heath, the exceptional weather due to a strong wind coming from Siberia created the right conditions to see the shape of the treesde-contextualised from their background. The exceptional circumstances triggered a reflection on trees as mystical living beings (in Shinto religion trees can guest the Soul of Gods) struggling through the harsh weather. The shape and poses of the trees can tell a story about their life and personality. Some of those trees because of their location and peculiar shape are almost a symbol of Hampstead Heath defining the identity of a community.

Copyright Alessandra D’Innella